Imagine reliving the thrill of riding together with the leader of the south in his campaign for the State of Morelos.

For the cultural spirit, we offer them:

  • Visits to the place where Emiliano Zapata worked as a laborer in the sugar mill of Oacalco before starting his campaign        revolutionary and along with his memory, travel the path of his last night of life to the Hacienda of Chinameca.

  • Visits to the firing walls and the foundry in which the cannons that fought the battles of this fight were forged armed and enter an        unforgettable journey through the history of Mexico.

For the adventurous, we offer:

  • Excursions of a day or a week with overnight in the open in wide valleys on the banks of streams, or following the cause of        bodies of water in the bottom of canyons at the foot of large cliffs.

  • Tour of paths traveled for centuries by the locals and experience the thrill of being in the same place where Quetzalcoaltl was         born, as well as labyrinths of lava thrown by the innumerable volcanoes in the area.

If you prefer, spend a romantic evening in the light of the moon next to a bonfire, full of singing and joy ..